​WyoComp - focuses on a broad range of research, products and industry

WyoComp is proud to be a market leader in introducing new, innovative products and technologies that exceed industry and consumer's expectations.  We've been "charting the path to a sustainable future" for over 20 years. 


WyoComp provides a broad range of research services to both private and public sectors.  Technology and product development, design, engineering and testing services.

WyoComp specializes in custom harvesting of small grain crops like wheat, barley, milo and corn.  We contract and purchase the biomass (straw and stalks) being discharged behind the combines and use them for our polymer and biochemical technologies.

We also conduct biomass studies, feed stock development, life-cycle assessments, econometric studies and market analysis as services for industry and government.


AgriFi™​ - advanced natural fiber thermoplastics filler technologies. The biomasses are processed using WyoComp's thermal mechanical treatment technologies, thus removing all the plant extractives, resulting in a form of "natural" carbon fiber that's readily compoundable with any polymers.

PolyFi™ - polymers reinforced with AgriFi™.  The material can be used in any plastics process (extrusion, injection molding, compression molding) and can produce any form of plastics products.  The material is stable under high heat/pressure, carbon-neutral,  hydro-phobic and reduces overall product costs while enhancing the "green" biocontent. 

WyoComp, 2013



PrairieFence™ - composite fencing lines include privacy, ranch rail, highway and industrial.  Consumer's appreciate the lower maintenance,  beauty, durability and lower pricing  of WyoComp's composite fencing.  You won't find a better deal nor better product in the market.

Plastics - WyoComp supplies recycled plastics to the industry.  Polymers include PP, HDPE, LDPE and more.

Structural Technologies - Patent No. 61/642,703 - continuous fiber reinforced polymers/composites.  Enables extruded products to meet structural, long-term load bearing applications, reduce costs and more. 


Polymer research related to bio-polymers, recycled and virgin plastics.   Our biomass research covers a wide range from agricultural biomasses to wood materials.

Our composites R&D began in 1994, resulting in the first composite lumber technologies using wheat straw cellulose to reinforce plastics.​   That research has evolved over the decades and we now develop nano-composites and more advanced composites. 

​WyoComp's research also focuses on converting agricultural biomasses into bioenergy, biofuels and biochemicals.