​Pictured: wheat straw inventory

​Pictured: Estate style composite fencing in dark forest brown


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Farmers and Forestry Suppliers

If you are a farmer and interested in becoming a supplier please contact WyoComp.  Several options are available, including letting WyoComp harvest the small grains and bale your leftover wheat and barley straw, corn stalks and/or milo stalks.  Or,  contract and sell the biomasses if they are already harvested and baled.  

If you are a forestry operation and operate in North America please contact WyoComp if you're interested in contracting and selling your wood biomasses.  We're interested in both soft and hardwood species.  

Composite fencing lines are available exclusively from WyoComp so contact us today for a quotation.  We ship the composite fencing directly to your home or business (if you're a fencing contractor) or job site.

Pricing for WyoComp's composite fencing averages 50-300% less than our competitors products while the quality and sustainability of PrairieFence composite fencing is much higher.  WyoComp can do this by selling composite fencing to the customer directly so the consumer avoids paying additional margins to distributors and retailers.  The customer wins big time!!!

Where to Buy Composite Fencing