Privacy composite fencing is available in four or six foot heights.  Dark forest brown color.  Composite fencing system includes hollow 4x4 post, post cap (inside fit), "L" brackets and fence pickets (tongue & groove).  Made from recycled HDPE (plastic) and reinforced with natural fibers.  Composite fencing backed by 15 year warranty.  See pricing info below.

Recycled Plastics

Pictured: recycled plastics in storage awaiting granulation

Pictured: composite privacy fencing

​Pictured: wheat straw stack awaiting shipment

​Pictured: composite privacy fencing

WyoComp offers the market the lowest priced, highest quality composite fencing system.  Please reference some of our competitor's privacy fence prices at Home Depot ( versus WyoComp's (prices include posts and fence panel components):

PrairieFence Composite Fencing                                                          $17.45 per linear foot                                             $104.70 per six foot section

Trex Composite Fencing                                                                            $52.56 per linear foot                                             $420.49 per eight foot section

SimTek Composite Fencing                                                                      $35.66 per linear foot                                             $213.97 per six foot section

Veranda Composite Fencing                                                                   $33.68 per linear foot                                              $202.08 per six foot section

​Home Depot Composite Fencing (click link)

Are you a manufacturer looking for recycled plastics?  WyoComp can help supply you with a broad range of plastics (post consumer and post industrial) including PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS and others.  Since we are a compounder and run a wide variety of materials for a diverse range of users, we buy in high volumes and often have surplus plastics available. 

Wheat straw and other Agricultural Biomasses

Best ​Composite Fencing Pricing in the Market

​Pictured: wheat straw

WyoComp is the global leader in developing high-value product technologies using agricultural biomasses and we offer the market one of the largest supply channels using our large feedstock market that stretches from Montana to Texas.  We sell to the market wheat straw, barley straw, corn stalks, bagasse, industrial hemp and milo stalks.   Contact WyoComp to inquire about buying from us.

PrairieFence™ - composite fencing

Pictured: recycling codes for plastics